What’s the Hubbub About Social Media? Get Social to Build Your List

Social Media Marketing also known as SMO ain’t just using Facebook and Twitter to promote your business or build your brand. Instead it’s a “mashup” of many elements to enhance your web presence. SMO could include images, surveys, videos, forums, discussion groups, blogging, chat rooms, RSS feeds and more. It really is an integration and combining of web-based and mobile technology to create an opportunity to have interactive dialogue with both current and potential customers.

As yet this marketing technique is in its infancy and hasn’t been fully and clearly defined… so you can bet changes are coming. Clarity of use isn’t well-defined and results are incompletely reported as yet. Standards and best practices of social media marketing aren’t anywhere near being set in stone. Some small business people who have tried it on their own express a dissatisfaction with the results. That may be attributed to lack of experience or an incomplete understanding or ineffective integration, or inappropriate use or maybe they’re tired..

As you can see, from the first paragraph,some of the elements of social media optimization are incorporated within the site itself, IE images & videos, and other elements are external ongoing promotional tactics like Twitter, forums and discussion groups. I told you this takes time. That’s why the pros get the big bucks. By the way, as I’ve mentioned before,each element that you choose to blend into your social media optimization plan, whether it be design, content, or social media, requires your careful and deliberate consideration and choice. When, for example, you develop your profile on Facebook, and the business listing itself and before you put cursor to desktop, remember who your audience is and chose your words carefully. For that matter chose every element of your descriptions and content as though your business depended upon it. Yes there are do-overs but how many times do you want to do this and how foolish do you think you might appear?.

Read the Stats…. Social media optimization is awesome…. or NOT


COMMENT: What strikes me when I read some of the stats and many articles on social media use and owner frustration it almost seems the experts can’t seem to understand why business owners trying social media marketing for themselves are so frustrated and disappointed. Well could it be that the owner just spent 16 hours, 6 days a week working and then is expected to constantly update his social media promotion as well.

Business owner I implore you to get a working knowledge of social media marketing and then let the pro show you the ropes. Remember before even getting involved this is NOT A SET IT AND FORGET IT proposition. Unless you are a glutton for punishment or have a death wish, it is really impossible to fulfill all your obligations as a shop owner, employer,appropriator, accountant and keep up constant contact through social media as well, The big guys have whole departments that do nothing but social media updating and data entry. This is slow, tedious, thoughtful work with potentially gratifying results, don’t cheap it out.

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