8 Great Mobile Apps for PT Clinics

With the continuous advancements in technology, the clinical atmosphere is constantly changing. Most recently, the introduction of the iPad has revolutionized PT clinics. With online practice management software accessible anywhere with an Internet connection, on-the-go practice and hands-on education for patients has been made possible.

One great feature of the iPad and other mobile devices is the ability to download apps at the point of service. Quick and easy downloadable software allows for physical therapists to find education tools, references and clinical software that can meet a patient’s specific needs.

Exploring Apps

Finding an app is as easy as pushing a button. Apps are located in the App Store in iTunes on your Windows or Mac Computer and iPhone or iPad. Once in the store, it’s easy to navigate through the selection. Many apps are available in the “medical” category. It is easy to search for physical therapy apps and read through reviews and descriptions. Most of the PT apps fall into three categories: clinical tools, patient education and staff and student references.

Clinical Physical Therapy Management Software for iPad

  • Stop watch and timers: These are a favorite a for patients and physical therapists. Running at $.99, these tools allow you to have multiple timers running at one time.
  • Geniometer: This tool is a fun and accurate way to determine anatomical angle. By lining up the iPad or iPhone with the joint and line it with the axis, you can get an accurate reading by using your finger to drag the arms to match the alignment.
  • ICD9 Consult 2011: At only $14.99, this is a much cheaper version of paper manuals and simplifies the process of accessing diagnosis codes.

Physical Therapy Patient Education Apps for iPad

  • Shoulder Decide: This app gives patients the ability to learn about the most common treatment approaches and relatable descriptions of injuries. Also available is Knee Decide and Spine Decide.
  • Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D: With 3D diagrams and an easy zoom feature, this is a fun and interactive way to walk patients through injury anatomy.
  • Pocket Body: A great anatomy app for both student PTs and patients, the Pocket Buddy offers clinical relevance and information and shows depth. It peels away layers to show a more detailed diagram.

Staff-Friendly Online Practice Management Software for iPad

  • Muscle Anatomy: This app provides a basic review of muscle origin, blood and nerve supply and more. It especially comes in handy for those “oops” moments when you need to recall information quickly.
  • CORE: Clinical Orthopedic Exam: This app offers support to for staffers to easily access, navigate and review specific studies and past findings.

The iPad apps can be very helpful in clinics for physical therapy. Management software can better education patients and employees as well as help PT clinics perform their best.

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