PC Repair Software Advice for Home Users

Similar to a car, your PC won’t work indefinitely without some planned maintenance. As you use your PC at some stage you will experience data corruption, maintenance issues and virus infections. Data in the hard drive becomes ‘fragmented’, simply put data is stored in various locations of the hard disk rather than in a “contiguous” sequence.

You might have experienced your PC losing its phenomenal “as new” processing speed over time, applications crashing, documents corrupting and the registry informing of irrelevant entries. These are issues that are common and develop when people don’t maintain and repair their registry and director structure. Virus threats, spyware and malware are just another breed of threats that require proactive software to protect the operating system.

Among the many PC repair software suites for repair, maintenance and protection most have the same common features necessary for system maintenance & protection. There are many PC repair software available to service your daily system maintenance and protection needs. Good & efficient repair software will take a few minutes to check your configuration and develop a report on potential errors in the registry, file system and other compromised system areas.

PC repair software will use smart algorithms to scan your registry, identify errors, analyze them and make necessary repairs after confirmation. The repair software may also offer you to make a backup of the OS and the system configuration (known as a Restore Point) to restore your system to its previous state in case of an operating system crash. One very important feature that most registry software doesn’t have is a defragmenter for your registry and system files. Although there is a disk defragmenter in the windows system tools, there is a critical need for a registry defragmenter also – and good registry optimizer software will have this capability.

The good thing about PC repair software is that they are easy to use, even for the novice PC user. You can easily install and operate them without any hassles. The software takes care of monitoring and optimizing PC performance letting you go about your business.

One very common error that a PC repair application rectifies is the registry entries of previously uninstalled applications. These entries cause slow system startup and conflicts when operating other programs. Repair software also recovers missing drivers, and analyzes your system directory & file structure to optimize program execution and performance. All this is automated requiring a minimum involvement by the user.

Until now we have emphasized the importance of system and registry optimizer software. Antivirus & spyware software is a critical requirement in any PC today. There are more virus threats today than there are people on the earth, with new ones being developed every day. It would be irresponsible to neglect the security of your family PC.

The best antivirus software usually gives security coverage against malware, virus threats, spyware and adware. Most antivirus software is loaded with multiple features that scan email, registry, downloads and electronic documents for threats. Generally, antivirus software is loaded with features like stealth mode monitoring, browser monitoring, automatic updates, file recovery and system backup, etc.

The best internet security software protects against multiple threats, since there are threats that can infiltrate your system without permission. Similarly, adware & spyware are highly capable of corrupting registry and steal your personal information. An up to date security system will be ready for all such threats.

A major feature of the best Internet software is a firewall. The built in firewall operates in ‘stealth mode’ or invisible mode, monitoring all internet activity, including email, internet browser activity, cookies, downloaded files, active-x controls, etc. When surfing the net you are most prone to virus threats, spyware, adware and other malware. A proper firewall will protect you from most common threats, while a high profile internet monitor will keep almost all threats out. When browsing, the Internet security software will flag suspect websites when it detects threats from them.

In conclusion, using a good & effective PC repair and maintenance software suite ensures:

• Malicious threats don’t infiltrate your PC – or can be removed.

• Registry files are updated and checked for errors.

• File system is optimized and defragmented.

• Old files and folders can be removed.

All of which will save you time, frustration and expense in the ‘not so’ long run. Try not using doing any of this and see what happens!

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What’s the Hubbub About Social Media? Get Social to Build Your List

Social Media Marketing also known as SMO ain’t just using Facebook and Twitter to promote your business or build your brand. Instead it’s a “mashup” of many elements to enhance your web presence. SMO could include images, surveys, videos, forums, discussion groups, blogging, chat rooms, RSS feeds and more. It really is an integration and combining of web-based and mobile technology to create an opportunity to have interactive dialogue with both current and potential customers.

As yet this marketing technique is in its infancy and hasn’t been fully and clearly defined… so you can bet changes are coming. Clarity of use isn’t well-defined and results are incompletely reported as yet. Standards and best practices of social media marketing aren’t anywhere near being set in stone. Some small business people who have tried it on their own express a dissatisfaction with the results. That may be attributed to lack of experience or an incomplete understanding or ineffective integration, or inappropriate use or maybe they’re tired..

As you can see, from the first paragraph,some of the elements of social media optimization are incorporated within the site itself, IE images & videos, and other elements are external ongoing promotional tactics like Twitter, forums and discussion groups. I told you this takes time. That’s why the pros get the big bucks. By the way, as I’ve mentioned before,each element that you choose to blend into your social media optimization plan, whether it be design, content, or social media, requires your careful and deliberate consideration and choice. When, for example, you develop your profile on Facebook, and the business listing itself and before you put cursor to desktop, remember who your audience is and chose your words carefully. For that matter chose every element of your descriptions and content as though your business depended upon it. Yes there are do-overs but how many times do you want to do this and how foolish do you think you might appear?.

Read the Stats…. Social media optimization is awesome…. or NOT


COMMENT: What strikes me when I read some of the stats and many articles on social media use and owner frustration it almost seems the experts can’t seem to understand why business owners trying social media marketing for themselves are so frustrated and disappointed. Well could it be that the owner just spent 16 hours, 6 days a week working and then is expected to constantly update his social media promotion as well.

Business owner I implore you to get a working knowledge of social media marketing and then let the pro show you the ropes. Remember before even getting involved this is NOT A SET IT AND FORGET IT proposition. Unless you are a glutton for punishment or have a death wish, it is really impossible to fulfill all your obligations as a shop owner, employer,appropriator, accountant and keep up constant contact through social media as well, The big guys have whole departments that do nothing but social media updating and data entry. This is slow, tedious, thoughtful work with potentially gratifying results, don’t cheap it out.

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8 Great Mobile Apps for PT Clinics

With the continuous advancements in technology, the clinical atmosphere is constantly changing. Most recently, the introduction of the iPad has revolutionized PT clinics. With online practice management software accessible anywhere with an Internet connection, on-the-go practice and hands-on education for patients has been made possible.

One great feature of the iPad and other mobile devices is the ability to download apps at the point of service. Quick and easy downloadable software allows for physical therapists to find education tools, references and clinical software that can meet a patient’s specific needs.

Exploring Apps

Finding an app is as easy as pushing a button. Apps are located in the App Store in iTunes on your Windows or Mac Computer and iPhone or iPad. Once in the store, it’s easy to navigate through the selection. Many apps are available in the “medical” category. It is easy to search for physical therapy apps and read through reviews and descriptions. Most of the PT apps fall into three categories: clinical tools, patient education and staff and student references.

Clinical Physical Therapy Management Software for iPad

  • Stop watch and timers: These are a favorite a for patients and physical therapists. Running at $.99, these tools allow you to have multiple timers running at one time.
  • Geniometer: This tool is a fun and accurate way to determine anatomical angle. By lining up the iPad or iPhone with the joint and line it with the axis, you can get an accurate reading by using your finger to drag the arms to match the alignment.
  • ICD9 Consult 2011: At only $14.99, this is a much cheaper version of paper manuals and simplifies the process of accessing diagnosis codes.

Physical Therapy Patient Education Apps for iPad

  • Shoulder Decide: This app gives patients the ability to learn about the most common treatment approaches and relatable descriptions of injuries. Also available is Knee Decide and Spine Decide.
  • Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D: With 3D diagrams and an easy zoom feature, this is a fun and interactive way to walk patients through injury anatomy.
  • Pocket Body: A great anatomy app for both student PTs and patients, the Pocket Buddy offers clinical relevance and information and shows depth. It peels away layers to show a more detailed diagram.

Staff-Friendly Online Practice Management Software for iPad

  • Muscle Anatomy: This app provides a basic review of muscle origin, blood and nerve supply and more. It especially comes in handy for those “oops” moments when you need to recall information quickly.
  • CORE: Clinical Orthopedic Exam: This app offers support to for staffers to easily access, navigate and review specific studies and past findings.

The iPad apps can be very helpful in clinics for physical therapy. Management software can better education patients and employees as well as help PT clinics perform their best.

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Not Just A Game It’s An Adventure

Getting in the game is just that. As a game player my self I can find no other joy as close to the hart as being in the game. It is a felling of excitement and an overwhelming thrill to compete against some minds that are way above the average mind.Or just well trained I should say.

What happens when I get in the game is really like a second nature and my mind just takes over and the competitive nature in me is totally peeked. I can start playing a game on line against some brilliant players and get so immersed that before I know it five or more hours has gone by. It gets that intense. And when I am done playing my mind is working at a higher performance of awareness. For quite a while after I get out of the game.

I would really have to say that because of the intense gaming programs and the greatly advance technology. And add into the mixed some absolutely brilliant opponents. That being in the game is actually a very good way to heighten the senses. Really it’s quite the therapeutic training.

Think about it the military has been using the gaming programs for training purposes for years. Why? Because the simulations are so in depth that there people will benefit from the heightened awareness, of any situations that may accrue. It just would stand to reason that if the game is being used for that reason in the military. Then the game can do the same thing outside of the military.

There are some games that don’t offer this type of mind stimulation. But those games are for the slow started the unenthusiastic gamer. Used for the sole purpose of getting them started.

It’s really the action games and some of the high tech roll playing games. That are what I call the mind openers. The brain teasers if you will. They are the games that offer more value then just enjoyment. Think about it if you are an intense gamer. Someone who likes to play these butt kicking ground pounding hart throbbing eye opening action packed games. Then you have probable honed your skills, and really increased or heightened your awareness up to a pretty high level. So how dose that help you or use when you’re away from your game. Well the one most important place I would have to say is driving. If you have a heightened sense of awareness wouldn’t that make you a better defensive driver? I think so. Wouldn’t a heightened sense of awareness give you the upper hand in a situation that’s going on around you. A situation that you should be aware of? I think so too.

If you are one of these brilliant gamers that I have had the pleasure of going head to head with, and are a student or a teen in school. All I have to say is bravo and thank you for the intense gaming in the game. But please remember that the game is just a game. You should never let the game come between you and your ability to advance quite far in this world that is also very competitive in its on game. Use your abilities that are greatly advanced, and take the time to increase your learning and knowledge. So that you may have a better chance of gaining greater things then you could ever imagine. In this game, in the real world that is known as life. Believe me if you are one of those brilliant players then you have the ability to adapt and advance far in this world. Use the tools at your disposal to achieve the same level of greatness in the game of the world as you have achieved in the game it self

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